Saturday, 8 May 2021



Today I am sharing a different type of dessert to you.Majority of us don't like green plantain ( kach

 kola) ,I am also in that group. Bengali uses green plantain mostly in making typical  dishes

 like"Macher jhol","Kachkolar Dalna" or " "Kach kolar kofta" like these.But today's my recipe is

 totally different from these boring preparations.

Now let get's started.

Green Plantain sweet
1) Green Plantain: 2
2) Sugar syrup: 11/2 cup
3) Rose water : 2 tablespoons
4) Mace powder :2 pinches
5) Khoa : 1 cup ( if you don't have khoa in your kitchen you can use 2 cups dry milk powder.
6) Deshi ghee: 1/2 cup; you may use white oil instead of deshi ghee. In that case you add 2 tablespoons of deshi ghee with white oil.
For garnishing: cashew nuts and raisins (1/3 cup)

 Procedure: Make sugar syrup with 2 : 1 ratio of water and sugar respectively.

Peel off the skin of Plantains and wash properly. Slice green Plantain in thin wheel shapes.

 Keep these in plain water for 1/2 an hour so that all blackish elements come out from green Plantain.
Keep karai on gas oven and switch on the gas. Pour deshi ghee in sufficient amount to fry

 Plantain slices. Plantain slices should be fry in brown color. Now take out all slices from karai.

On the other hand soak mace powder in little rose water.

Crush all fried Plantain slices with the help of your palm. Add khoa with it and blend in mixture.

 Make a smooth dust.

Switch on gas and keep karai .Add khoa , Plantain mixture and sugar syrup. Stir continuously.

Be careful at this time,in some cases mixture catches the surface of karai.

While ghee separated from mixtue add mace powder and rose water mix well and transfer the

 ready item in a plain dish where spread ghee previously.It is done to take out the dessert

 pieces easily from the dish.

Place the mixture with 1/2" thickness and allow cooling.

I use cashew nuts and raisins to garnish. These are optionals.

After 1/2 an hour keeps the dish in refrigerator to set properly. Take out from refrigerator after

 1/2 an hour and cut into pieces according your choices.

Enjoy green Plantain dessert with your family in dining table. 

Happy cooking.

Thank you.



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Tuesday, 4 May 2021



Hi everybody

I am eager to share three simple drumstick recipes with you. In my previous blog I had shared you a

 drumstick recipe and food value of drumsticks (

currydanta-aloor-dalna.html). You may check the link.

I like drumsticks so much. I cooked these three drumsticks dishes in my own ways; I think you will like this.

Let’s start the recipes:


I love sour taste in many dishes. So my first one dish is with tamarind.

INGREDIENTS: Tamarind: 50 grams.

Drumsticks: ½ kg

Turmeric powder: 1/2 teaspoon

Red chili powered: 1 teaspoon

For tempering:

Black cumin seed (kalonji): 1 teaspoon

Green chili: 1

Mustard oil: 2 tablespoons.

Salt according to your taste.

Jaggery powder: 2 to 3 tablespoons

How to cook: Take a bowl and soak tamarind in water for few minutes .Take out tamarind pulp from that. Cut

 drumsticks in 3 to 4 inches sizes. Peel off the skin properly and wash with water. Keep aside the pieces. Place the

 karai on gas oven, switch on the gas. Pour mustard oil; add black cumin seeds and 1 green chili. After 2 to 3 minutes a

 good aroma will come out, now add drumsticks and stir .Add turmeric powder and red chili powder after that and again

 stir. Pour some water to boil drumsticks, add salt accordingly.

When drumsticks properly boiled add tamarind pulp and jaggery powder .Mix all in a nice way and dry .I use jaggery

 powder, you may add sugar but jaggery is healthier than sugar. This is a nice sweet and sour dish of drumsticks which

 is so palatable and yummy also.

You will try in your kitchen.


The next recipe is drumstick with sesame seed.

First I will discuss about benefits of sesame seeds in simple way.

Sesame seeds are  full of fibers.1) it may lower cholesterol and triglycerides,2)it may help to lower

 blood pressure,3)it supports healthy bones,4)it helps in blood cell formation,5)it may aid blood sugar

 level,6) it is rich in antioxidants and so boost  immune system,8)also support thyroid health,9)during

 menopause it aids in hormone balance,10)it is a good source of vitamin B.

The last one is that it is very easy to add in your diet. You can use it directly in your dishes by

 sprinkling whole sesame seeds or by making a smooth paste; you can add it.


Drumsticks: ½ kg

Sesame seeds: 1 cup

Red tomato: 1

Green tomato: 1(it is optional, as I like sour I always prefer to add anything like this.)

Green chili: 2

Turmeric powder: ½ teaspoon

Mustard oil: 2 tablespoons

Salt: according to your taste.


1)     Cut (3 inches sizes) and peel off drumsticks as before. Wash with fresh water. Boil drumsticks in karai. Don’t use

 pressure cooker, over boiled drumsticks will hamper your dish. Boil for only 2 to 3 minutes, it will remain as it is. Drain out

 water from boiled drumsticks.

2)     Make a paste of green chilies, green tomato and red tomato. Make another paste of sesame seeds separately.

3)     Keep karai on gas oven .Switch on the gas .Add mustard oil ,when oil become hot add first turmeric powder .A beautiful

 red color will come out ,now add boiled drumsticks. Stir for 2 minutes.  Add ready paste of green chili, red tomato and

 green tomato, again stir .After 2 minutes add sesame seeds paste and salt .Now fry all ingredients properly so that

 sesame paste will keep a smooth layers on drumsticks. A t that time you may sprinkle little water which will evaporate in

 seconds but keep a smooth result on the recipe. If your taste buds want some sweet taste then you may add 1 ½ teaspoon of sugar in it.



Our “DRUMSTICKS IN SESAME SEED” recipe is ready to serve.



This is another drumstick recipe I am sharing.


Drumstick: 250 grams

Potato: 2 medium sizes

Rohu fish: 4 medium pieces

Mustard oil: 75 grams

FOR TEMPERING: Green chilies: 2

Panch phoron (it is a mixture of 5 seeds {cumin seed, black mustard seed, nigella seed, fennel seed, fenugreek seed}):1 teaspoon

Turmeric powder: 1 tablespoon

Red chili powder: 2 tablespoon

Poppy seed paste: 3 table spoons

Sliced tomatoes and green chilies : 1/2 cup and 2

Salt: according to your taste.


Cut all drumsticks in 2 ½ “sizes. Peel off the skin of potatoes. Cut potatoes in length wise. All pieces of potatoes will

remain thick.

.  Marinate fish pieces with little turmeric powder and salt

Keep karai on gas oven. Switch on gas and start cooking. Pour sufficient mustard oil in karai to fry fish pieces. After

 frying take out all fish pieces from karai and keep aside.

Now add panch phoron and green chilies in left over oil for tempering. A beautiful panch phoron smell will come out,

, now add turmeric powder and red chili powder,sliced tomatoes and coriander leaves stir .After 2 minutes add ready

 paste and again stir 

. When oil separated from spices add drumsticks and potatoes, fry little bit and pour water and salt to boil all vegetables.

After 10 minutes add fried fish pieces in it and again boil for 2 to 3 minutes

Now our drumstick fish curry is ready to serve on dinning table. You have it with hot rice. It is a Bengali recipe.   


Thank you.
Happy cooking.

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Friday, 16 April 2021



We are so grateful to our Indian nature .We obtain different vegetables in different season, we fond of

 that. One such amazing vegetable that is greatly valued and earns our interest is drumstick or moringa

 oleifera. This deferential vegetable is used in Indian culinary dishes from a hundred years ago,not less

 than that. It is native to tropical regions of South Asia and India is the largest producers of drumstick. It

 is also grown in other Asian countries like Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan


Moringa oleifera or drumstick tree has its leaves a feathery looks and its flowers are surrounded by five

 unevenly, thinly veined yellowish white petals. Moringa leaves contain many nutritional aspects. The

 leaves, drumstick pods, stems, and flowers of this plant are used in Ayurveda due to its medicinal


I collect all drumsticks from our backyard garden and I am really happy to get it. I distributed some

 drumsticks among the whole quantity to our neighbors; I feel pleasure by heart to do this.


1)      Rich source of vitamins (A, C, K, B) and minerals (iron, calcium and magnesium), rich source of fiber.

2)      Regulates blood sugar level.

3)      Helps to purify blood

4)      Boosts immunity

5)      Helps in developing stronger bones.

6)      Loaded with antioxidant properties.

7)      Benefits for digestive health.

8)      Benefits for healthy liver.

9)      Benefits for sexual health.

Drumstick benefits our health in so many ways. We can tell this as super food which it deserves.

 Today I am sharing a drumstick recipe which is something different from typical Bengali style like

 “danta posto”, danta sorshe” or “macher jhol e danta”.I named it “DANTA ALOOR DALNA” aka”


Vegetables that we want:






1) Mustard oil :2 to 3 tablespoons

2) Turmeric powder: 1 teaspoon

3)Red chili powder: 2 teaspoons

4) Coriander powder : 3 tablespoons.

5) Cumin powder: 2 tablespoons,garam masala powder : 1/2 teaspoon ,6) Salt to taste.


1)Tomato: 1 big size.

2)Peanuts: 2 tablespoons

3)Cardamom: 4 to 5 in numbers.


1) Whole cumin seeds: 2 teaspoons.

2) Kalongi : 2 teaspoons.

3)Red chili: 1.

4) Asafoetida ( hing) 1 to 2 pinches.


Cut all vegetables according to shapes.Cut potatoes in square and small shapes.Peel off all drumsticks

 skins. Cut into 4 inches sizes.

Wash all vegetables with water properly and boil.Keep in mind that vegetables should not over

 boil.Drain all water from half boiled vegetables and keep aside. 

  Keep karai on gas oven and switch on the gas.I use iron karai for healthy aspects.Pour mustard oil ,add
 potato pieces and fry silghtly

Add whole cumin seeds ,kalongi ,hing and red chili for tempering.

Add all spices and fry slightly ,add ready paste

Stir all spices.Add potatoes and drumsticks and again stir.

Add 1 cup water to boil .It will help to make curry juicy.

Boil for 5 minutes .Add 1 tablespoon of deshi ghee and keep the lid on karai. Take resting time for 10

 minutes . Our "DANTA ALOOR DALNA" is ready.Serve with hot rice.Have a nice experience of this

 recipe in your kitchen.

Thank you

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